Outreach and Hands-on, in field mission, In this ministry we help the students to be ready for outreach and mission felid/trip

We help in:

  • Planning and developing a full training program for college student, active congregation members, seminary students and young pastors, training them on the different aspects that are important in reaching out the un reached.
  • Organizing a team of college and university evangelism, consisting of those trainees, as part of the practical application of the course, integrating this to the many and various local, visits and events that the MEO already organizes periodically.
  • Training, those getting ready to go overseas on culture / language.
  • Planning and organizing outreach events.
  • Follow-up of those who accepted the Lord Jesus from unreached communities.
  • Building personal relations with each individual leading them to the biblical teaching.
  • Media and Satellite for the MEO to start getting involved in media and satellite.
  • Exploring the feasibility of the Internet outreach through chat-rooms.