Training focus

Equipping & Empowering Arab Christians by providing courses / seminars / consultation for churches, Christian organizations and any group that seeks growing and improving in its leaders and potential
leaders’ skills.


The Art of Worship: How to prepare and lead worship. (Biblical mandates, harmony, practical & musical lips).

Ways to Study the Bible: Different methods and simple way for studying the Bible using simple tools.

Solving people’s puzzle: Understanding self and others characteristics differences. An extraordinary dynamic way to help groups and committees understanding and appreciating self and others.

Coaching & Decision Making skills:·Helps current & potential leaders to perform their best ability to serve & train others.

Goal setting: How to develop a successful god oriented plan and set strategies for self, committees. churches, in a way that honors God.

Time Management: Understanding the value of the gift of time, and how to use self, group, church’s time more effectively.

The Art of communication: How to communicate effectively with your family members, team, cell group, church members, different committees.

AIl courses can be modified to meet the group/church‘s expectations and needs.

AIl courses teaching are based on Biblical truth and principles.

AIl Seminar’s/course’s lengths depend on the needs and availability.

Other courses can be offered to meet the church or group’s expectations and needs.

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Better Life Arabic Christian Fellowship Rancho Cucamonga 2011

How to study the Bible

Iraqi refugees at Baptist Church, Toronto, Ca 2010

Art of Worship

MEC Pasadena, CA 2010